Vince Gibson was named interim Athletics and Campus Recreation Director Jan. 28.

Gibson named interim AD as school seeks new director

Laramie County Community College will be searching for a new Athletics and Campus Recreation director this spring after Scott Noble, who formerly held the position, left LCCC for the Director of Athletics job at Western New Mexico University.

“I want to say thanks for Noble’s time with us,” Judy Hay, vice president of Student Services, said. “He’s had three great years with us and I’m very thankful for that. It’s going to be a great place (LCCC) for someone to come in and somewhat pick up what he was doing.”

Part of being the Vice President of Student Services at LCCC, Hay said she oversees the athletic department and will be in charge of compiling a committee for the athletic director search this spring.

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Noble reflects on time at LCCC and looks toward the future

Laramie County Community College’s Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation, Scott Noble, has taken a new job in Silver City, New Mexico at Western New Mexico University. It was unexpected even for Noble. Noble said he was not looking for a new job nor did he want one.

Wingspan sat down with Noble to ask him some questions about his 10 years in Cheyenne, all his accomplishments and what his future has in store for him.

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Staff, faculty react to Noble’s transition to Western New Mexico University

Some Laramie County Community College players and coaches were in remorse with the news of Athletic Director Scott Noble taking a job at Western New Mexico University.

The school is located in Silver City, N. M., which is approximately a 782 mile drive from Cheyenne. Noble had been the Athletic Director at LCCC for three years and before that he had the same duties at Cheyenne South High School.

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James Crosby, Laramie County Community College campus safety director, graduated from the FBI Academy as a part of its 164th session.

Crosby goes from teacher to captain to President of National FBI Academy

James Crosby, Laramie County Community College campus safety director, works with different organizations to keep students at the school safe.

Crosby has experience in law enforcement that he said allows him to handle situations on campus. Crosby said he graduated from the FBI Academy as a part of its 164th session.

Crosby is originally from South Louisiana. He received his bachelor’s degree in education at the University of South Western Louisiana. After that, he went to the University of Alabama, where he earned his master’s degree in education.

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Saving a college dollar with less Chick-fil-A

Money is tight in college, especially during the month of January. I was paid at the end of Fall semester, before Christmas break, so in my mind I thought that money would be perfect for Christmas presents.

Then a bunch of new movies came out during break, so I had to go see them. However, with movies, popcorn and candy are essential because what is a movie without a snack?

Then, after receiving gift cards for Christmas, I would go take advantage of them; however, I have a problem with shopping. If everything fits, I must get it. Gift cards covered a lot, but I chose way more outfits than a few gift cards could cover. Then I see pairs of shoes that will go perfect with my new outfits.

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Encouraging diversity, momentum with #MeToo movement

He smiled. She moved away. He touched. She moved farther away. He told her it was OK. She fought herself in her head. Was it ok? Is this normal? Consensual?

Am I part of #MeToo?

Women across the nation have found solace since the birth of the #MeToo movement, and it seems as though there is no intention of it ending anytime soon. Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and others are paying the piper.

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An inside look at 2 Doors Down

2 Doors Down is located in downtown Cheyenne at 118 E. 17th St. where owner Jerry Inniss believes the atmosphere of his restaurant is what sets it apart from the others in town.

College students are always looking for a good deal when it comes to food. 2 Doors Down has the answer when it comes to burgers.

Jerry Inniss and his wife Sandy started 2 Doors Down in 2009 when they found out the current location was coming available two doors down from their pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Venti.

“This space looked like it was going to come available, Sandy and I have always enjoyed burgers and we always found it difficult to find a good one in town,” Inniss said. “So, we thought that it might be something that we would like to do and basically with the pizza I used to make the buns and I would order burgers in and started creating recipes. When this space became available we just kind of decided to take the plunge and get it started.”

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Women’s basketball shatter last years stats

The 2017-18 Laramie County Community College women’s basketball team has proven to be a tough, respectable Region IX team. With five games left in the regular season, the Golden Eagles have already improved tremendously from last year.

The 2016-17 inaugural women’s basketball team boasted a 11-17 overall record while averaging 60.6 points a game and finished 7-10 in conference play.

The 2017-18 team has five games left in the regular season but has already won three more games than last year and currently sits at 14-11 with a 5-4 record in conference play while averaging 72.4 points a game, 12 more than last year.

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Intramural sports introduces wiffle ball, new online system

Laramie County Community College’s intramural sports are ramping up again for the spring semester, following a fall semester which offered 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball and broomball hockey.

The spring semester is going to offer kickball and flag football leagues, racquetball and dodgeball tournaments, and a coed sand volleyball game. A new option for this year, wiffle ball, will either be a league or tournament depending on how many people sign up.

“Intramural sports are open to any students, faculty or staff of Laramie County Community College,” said Vince Gibson, who has coordinated the intramural sports program since 2012.

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