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Live broadcast of the Board of Trustees meeting for Dec. 6, 2017

Nikita Woods dribbles the ball down the field against Iowa Western Community College on Sept. 3.

Region IX player of the year leads Golden Eagles in scoring

The Region IX Player of the Year resides here at Laramie County Community College, but the path she took to LCCC is not the norm.

Nikita Woods led the Golden Eagles women’s soccer team this season with 25 goals and was fourth on the team with 10 assists, which led to Woods being honored as the Region IX Player of the Year.

“It means a lot,” Woods said. “I mean not just for me but to my family as well because we have sacrificed a lot for me to be here. It’s a nice reward for everyone at the end of the day.”

Woods didn’t take the traditional path to college. Unlike most students who come to LCCC from the local area, Woods grew up in Corrimal, Australia. At first, the transition from Australia to Cheyenne was tough for Woods.


Be advised at your own risk

I started studying at LCCC in 2014, and I want to throw my story in with all the other students who were lost in the tornado of campus life.

Though it has gotten a lot better, during my first few semesters here I had no sense of direction on this campus. The Advising Center at that time was going through a lot of staffing changes, and these affected me directly. I can’t say how many advisors I sat with during that time, but before my current advisor, I don’t think I met with the same one twice.


Games Corner | Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

In this 1961 dystopian sci-fi game, Nazis control the world. Developer Machinegames and publisher Bethesda take us back to the dual-wielding, mecha fighting, rebellious world of Wolfenstein in “Wolfenstein II The New Colossus.” The game is just like it is advertised. “If you’re a Nazi, GTFO.”


Weltschmertz: Wolfenstein's dystopian world. A Nazi soldier checks in with Klansmen making sure they can say danke.

Lisa Trimble chosen as Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Lisa Trimble is now the permanent Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Laramie County Community College. Trimble has been the interim AVP since Jan. 2017.

The AVP is the executive director of the LCCC Foundation and looks over public relations and marketing of the college.

“That is something I look forward to is really getting to understand more of the administrative side of the college, and broadening my horizons for the understanding of what is taking place at the college,” Trimble said.

Before Trimble came to LCCC, she was the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Special Events at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


History cemented into place | Statues represent tough times in American History

Local governments throughout the United States have recently made decisions to remove statues that represent the Confederacy because of their representation of slavery.

This has caused controversy because some Americans believe the statues represent American history and shouldn’t be removed. However, there has always been someone to record history since America was established.

Confederate statues should be removed if they’re causing distress.


There’s a time to protest, there’s a time to stand | Student justifies why she stands in midst of NFL kneeling controversy

Imagine a child watching as men lower his father’s casket into the ground, seeing a widow receive her husband’s flag as a symbol of his service for this country, or a family member leaning over the casket of a fallen soldier.

I have a lot of respect for people who have fought for this country, who continue to fight for this country and the families of these people.

My family has a history of people who have fought for this country, and there are still some who continue to protect this country today.

These Americans are why I stand for the national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and acknowledgement of the flag.

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Goodbye STATAWAY | LCCC cuts math pathway

Laramie County Community College has eliminated the STATWAY sequence of developmental math courses.

Elhadji Gaye, a mathematics instructor at LCCC, said in an email to the college staff that the pathway was cut due to low enrollment. Gaye also said that the full STATWAY sequence was only offered once.

“We’ve confirmed that students will not be impacted with the deletion of these offerings and that there aren’t currently any students needing to complete the STATWAY sequence,” Gaye said.


New classification compensation system

Laramie County Community College is implementing a new classification and compensation system.

In the fall of 2016, the Board of Trustees asked President Dr. Joe Schaffer to update the current classification and compensation system.

The classification and compensation system are the salaries or wages that employees receive.

Within this new system, no salaries will be reduced within the LCCC campus.


Broadcast schedule

Board of Trustees meeting, Jan. 24.

Board of Trustees meeting, Feb. 28.

Board of Trustees meeting, March 21.

Board of Trustees meeting, April 11.

Board of Trustees meeting, May 9.


  1. Tuesday Night Health Clinic

    November 28 @ 8:00 am - December 27 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Last day of fall Semester

    December 15
  3. Winter Break

    December 23, 2017 - January 1, 2018

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