This week, Wingspan Weekly looks at the upcoming SPJ Forum, events during Spring break and the new Volleyball head coach.

College gifted $2.4 million

The Laramie County Community College Foundation recently announced that it has received an estate gift worth $2,482,900 from Lois C. Mottonen, who passed away in December of 2017.

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Lois C. Mottonen's family donated $2.4 million to LCCC in honor of her passing.

Crazy, Cuddly Kitty Cats: Denver Cat Company welcomes people, felines alike

Most people have probably heard the anecdote that goes a little something like this: pets make us humans happier and healthier. However, not every person who finds happiness in furry friends has the time or resources to have one of their own. Well, I have a place for any cat lover that needs some time to cuddle and hang out with some fur babies.

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A rescue cat sleeps in the front window of the cafe. Photo by Courtney Walston.

Getting back to work on the court

The Laramie County Community College men’s basketball team’s season ended March 2. That’s when the start of the 2019-20 season began.

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Laramie County Community College player Stephane Manzi in action against Trinidad State College in the Gymnasium on campus. Michael Smith/LCCC

Broadcast schedule

March 20 — Board of Trustees meeting

April 17 — Board of Trustees meeting

May 15 — Board of Trustees meeting

May 18 — LCCC Graduation


  1. Spring Break

    March 18 - March 22
  2. College Closed

    March 22

    March 23 @ 7:00 pm

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