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Instructor bringing metal back

Ed Novotny, adjunct guitar instructor, adds the dynamics of being a heavy metal musician and a former student at Laramie County Community College to the music program.

Novotny has been working at LCCC since 2011. “I can work with students within a band setting or I can work with students in a choir setting,” Novotny said.

Novotny is originally from Rock Springs. He moved to Cheyenne when he was 8. “I went to school and I’ve kind of grown up here,” Novotny said.

Novotny also went to school in Minnesota but moved back here in 2009. “The economy was bad in Minnesota. I went to school around the time the economy tanked in 2008 and 2009. It kind of made sense to come back and to start again,” Novotny said.

Novotny went to school at LCCC where he earned degrees in music and elementary education. He earned his bachelors in guitar performance in Minnesota.

“My background is more heavy metal and rock, so I tend to bring that into what I do,” Novotny said. “Beth Kean is vocal, has a very classical background. Erin Bauer has the jazz background. I think we have a cool three-headed monster with our backgrounds.”

“Having gone to school here, I can always tell people about what I struggled with so they can kind of relate to it,” Novotny said. “Sometimes the teacher-student relationship can be kind of intimidating. I think it’s cool to have someone who’s been through the collegiate system here at LCCC and the music program and say, ‘I went through it, and you guys can go through it too.’”

“Having been a student at LCCC and now being a teacher is “a different dynamic,” Novotny said. “Community college is supposed to have a sense of community. I like to meet people that are even on the outside of the music and the art program. It’s always neat to see the change. If you go to a university to me I think sometimes teachers are untouchable or unapproachable. Here, I don’t want that. If someone is doing lessons with me they can just ask me a question. Having it close-knit is cool,” Novotny said.

Novotny doesn’t just teach music majors; he also teaches students who aren’t music majors. “They’ll bring something in that they like, and it’s fun to go over it with them. Meeting people: that’s what I enjoy about it,” Novotny said.

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