No room for amateurs, dating 101

First impressions are extremely important when you first meet someone; however, a lot of people forget how to make a good one. First, let me clarify, men are not the only ones guilty of making a bad impression on the first date.

One of the first things you should think about is location. The worst place to host a date is at your home. It’s never a good idea to go somewhere private for a first date. If you’ve recently met this person, going to their house could potentially be dangerous. For example, what happens when the other person is a complete psychopath?

Another reason a first date should never happen at home is because of image. What I mean by that is if the other party isn’t comfortable being seen in public with you, then how is the relationship going to work? Being in a relationship means being comfortable being with your partner.

Although, a lot of people will argue that you learn a lot when you’re alone with the other person, I find that to be false. The way someone acts in public speaks a lot about them. If they’re being completely rude and act as if they don’t know how to act in public, it’s usually a good sign that they act like that most of the time. In my own experience, people who are polite and know how to act in public are a lot more attractive than those who don’t.

Another no-no for a first date is bad attire. When you go out on a date, looking nice is a must. If you’re not willing to try with your appearance, how can you be counted on to try with the relationship? I also think that when you try with your appearance for the date, it sets a better mood. In my opinion, when a guy shows up for a date looking nice it makes me feel like he cares. It also gives the image of good hygiene.

Personal hygiene tends to be where a lot of people draw the line when considering the other party. Although, I thoroughly believe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that doesn’t mean I want to be around someone who smells bad. I will, however, acknowledge that there are people who don’t have access to showers. If the other person has knowledge of this, they shouldn’t have any major complaints. In fact, the other person should probably offer their help. I sincerely believe the way you take care of yourself says a lot about the type of person you are. If you don’t know how to take care of yourself, how’re you supposed to take care of a relationship?

All this advice is great for a first date, but none of this will be relevant if you don’t use your ears. Listening is a key part of any relationship, but most people don’t understand that you must pay attention from the beginning. Listening is also a great way to learn what type of person the other person is. Even though it’s only a first date, you still want to set a good impression because you never know if that’ll be the person you spend your life with. Stay engaged with the date, and I can guarantee there will be a second one.

My final piece of advice for those looking to date is to be yourself. While it may be cliché, the only way you know if a relationship is going to work is if the other party is completely okay with who you are. Although it’s good to make a first impression, don’t change your entire demeanor to accomplish that. Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting; however, I thoroughly believe there is a right and wrong way to it.


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