Website offers guidance to transgender students

Angela Hanners, director of communications for the Community of Accredited Online Schools,  wants to provide better online support for LGBTQ students at Laramie County Community College.

Hanners has witnessed many transgender students find themselves and says that this process is very difficult. She wants these students to have the resources they need to find a school that will support them and provide services. The Community of Accredited Online Schools is a website that provides information for transgender students.

This website helps students find transgender-friendly colleges where students can learn about their rights and the policies at particular schools. A person can also access the The Campus Pride Index, which is a guide list of more than 235 schools that includes specific rankings for institutions that support transgender people.

Other sources include the The National Collegiate Athletic Association, which oversees competition in 23 different sports at more than 1,000 colleges that have supportive policies for transgender students in athletics. Those policies include access to facilities and supportive behavior by coaches.

J Mase III, who is a transgender, queer poet and educator, wants LGBTQ students who face discrimination on their campus to educate themselves and ask questions about the policies regarding nonconforming and transgender people on campus. He encourages them to use social networks too, such as a media team on campus.

“The organization I founded, awQward, does a lot of work to provide consulting, training and cultural opportunities that speak to trans issues on college campuses,” said Mase.

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