Campus clubs offer numerous opportunities

Laramie County Community College has a variety of clubs and organizations on campus that can help students enjoy their time here. These clubs and organizations can be helpful for students who want to learn topics they are interested in outside of the classroom.

While attending a club, there are projects people can collaborate on. Projects vary for each club depending on their opportunities to fundraise, or do local services, or programming activities for the students. Some clubs can allow students to go into trips or conferences that have an educational or developmental experience.

Upcoming events on are the Rise and Empower Workshop series will be held on Sept. 26, Oct. 17 and Nov. 14; the screening of “Drive, Play, Sleep” film on Oct. 10; the Homecoming Chili Cook Off on Oct. 11; the Homecoming Bonfire on Oct. 11 and Halloween events involving bake sales and costumes from October 26 and family fun on October 31.

Clubs are mostly inclusive to all comers, however, some are exclusive to students in different fields.

Zeke Sorenson, Coordinator for Student Engagement and Diversity said, “There are some that are tied to programs that are only open to students in that particular program of study. For example, nursing, radiography, and sonography.” Reasoning for joining a club or organization differs from student to

“Students join, I suspect, because it is a good way to get involved on campus and stay engaged,” Sorenson said. “Students may also have a passion for what the club is about.” Students have extra time for club organizations may find them useful in their future careers.

“Student organizations also provide valuable leadership and organizational experience which can build up their resumes for the professional for when they graduate college.” Sorenson said.

The process for joining a club on campus involves signing for registration and renewals before the deadline. This year’s deadline is on Sept. 29. After the registration process is done, the list of clubs in LCCC may be different after September ends. The list of clubs on can be found online at more information regarding what is available and contacts involving the club advisors.

There are categories to choose, from agriculture to veterans and military. There are also links that may give information within the website. Some groups may need students to have certain GPAs, or to at least have some credit hours earned to attend.

With Phi Theta Kappa for example, a student needs 3.5 GPA or higher and 12 credit hours to receive an invitation from the college president around early October for fall semester, or late February in spring semester. The student can then apply with the application and an unofficial copy of their transcript and pay $90 for a one-time membership due. Reduced fees can be applicable by asking an advisor. To have more questions about Phi Theta Kappa, go to their link and perhaps contact one of three advisors in the organization.

If some people like to do poetry or art, there is High Plains Register. This club let’s students give original artwork and stories into the annual publication, around May 1 to until 5 p.m October 15. The reason is that these pieces can inspire different perspectives and ideas to readers. To submit entries, there is a link within the High Plains Register section, either postal mail or electronic submissions are allowed. For some who want to participate in the group, attend the class ENGL 2100: Literary Magazine. Email Kristin Abraham for prerequisite approval.



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