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Step aside, Nathan Drake. Uncharted’s newest game comes with new protagonists. Former supporting characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross take center stage in Uncharted: The  Lost Legacy.

Announced on December 2016 at Playstation Experience and released Aug. 22, 2017, Uncharted The Lost Legacy is a standalone game from developer Naughty Dog.

Aside: As I would with any other game, I recommend playing the previous titles in the series before picking up the newest addition. The story of Lost Legacy takes place after the series’ fourth game, A Thief’s End. If you haven’t played the previous games and decide to play Lost Legacy anyway, expect minor plot spoilers as well as references to previous games.


Chloe Frazer, treasure hunter and hired thief first introduced in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, hires Nadine Ross, a mercenary and former leader of Shoreline, to aide her in retrieving the tusk of Ganesh. The duo seeks the tusk for profit. All that stands in their way is the rebel leader, Asav, who wants the tusk for his own war efforts.  

Lost Legacy shines in its storytelling. Nadine’s militant personality and the sharp wit and crass personality of Chloe stand out. As the game progresses, this relationship is fleshed out. Toward the game’s conclusion, players discover what has lead these characters to their situations at the game’s start, and where the events of the story lead them.


Lost Legacy is an exhilarating experience with beautiful set pieces, great character writing and innovative puzzles, much like its predecessors. The combat is like a blockbuster film, the set pieces are like walking through a National Geographic photo spread, and the puzzles are innovative and fun once you figure out how to solve them.

If you’ve played Uncharted, Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia, you’ll recognize what the game expects of you and will actively seek out the next chapter’s platforming or puzzle solution. If you are new to this game type, Naughty Dogs was nice enough to include hints to players if a puzzle or where you’re supposed to go isn’t apparent.

What does this game add to Gaming?

Fans were disappointed that Naughty Dog’s other intellectual property, The Last Of Us Part 2, was absent at the Sony E3 2017 conference, instead featuring Lost Legacy.

Neil Druckmann, a creative director and writer at Naughty Dog, responded on Twitter.

Believe me, we’re super excited to show you more of Ellie and Joel’s 2nd journey, but right now it’s Chloe and Nadine’s time to shine,” Druckmann tweeted.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy does give them their time to shine. Lost Legacy adds to the world of gaming because in a short, intimate gameplay experience, the narrative fleshes out two characters who are women of color.

Along with giving representation to women of color, Lost Legacy also provides some historical context of hinduism, although some details might be pumped up for the narrative. With this being another Uncharted game,  story beats and amazing feats achieved by the titular characters are as to be expected and don’t add much in terms of a game-changing addition to what Uncharted’s previous games have already done. This isn’t something to be ashamed of at all. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy thrives in its narrative by not changing too drastically from what Naughty Dog has established of their games.

Strengths Weaknesses
Strong storytelling One-note Villain
Smooth gameplay Not much we haven’t experienced before



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