LCCC hires new director of student planning and success

Earlier this month, Laramie County Community College hired a new director of student planning and success. Stephen Crynes, the new hire, now leads the Advising Center, TRIO and the Career Center.

Crynes most recently worked at the University of Oklahoma, where he worked with students who hadn’t yet decided on a major or hadn’t declared their major. He offered advice and helped them explore career possibilities. Prior to working at OU, Crynes worked in institutional research for Oklahoma City Community College.

“It was just time for a change in careers,” Crynes said, stating that his children had graduated and he wanted to explore new opportunities.

Early in his new position, Dr. Crynes said that the school is doing a lot of things well. Crynes wants to make the college “more holistic in our advising.” That means focusing on a student’s whole life and taking into account everything that might have an effect on their college career, he said.

“Anything we can do to move forward, helping our students be more successful,” Crynes said.

Judy Hay, the Vice President of Student Services, spoke of a new program called Pathways 2.0 that Crynes will be a part of. She described Pathways 2.0 as a program that will help students reach career goals and increase connections to four-year schools making transfers easier.

“(The program) will focus on (a student’s) whole process and make it easier for the students,” Crynes said, adding that it is a campus-wide program.


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