President hopes to transform campus from a commuter to a residential

Laramie County Community College will potentially move away from being a commuter campus to a residential campus.

The Capital Campaign, if passed, will give the college the necessary funds to build a new residence hall. According to LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer, the campus has 4,000 to 5,000 students on and off campus everyday, but they only have the facilities to house roughly 270 students.

Schaffer said the college had 598 applicants for the residence halls. For those who don’t get into the dorms, Schaffer said they usually do one of three things; find another place to live, go to another college or decide not to go to college.

“For us, I think we really started a commuter campus,” Schaffer said. “Then over time we added the first residence halls, we added things like athletics on campus, dining services – things that are much more symbolic resemblement of a residential campus.”

Schaffer said a residential campus will bring more young people to Wyoming given there is the issue of finding nice, reasonably priced apartments in Cheyenne. A residential campus appeals to more people outside of Wyoming.

“Vacancy rates for Cheyenne are like 3.5 percent,” Schaffer said. “We are sort of neither fish nor fowl in regards to our design.”

The dorms are expected to be a mix between a suite and the old dorms. There has also been talk about making the dorms very open with glass windows. Schaffer said there has been discussion about whether each room should have its own bathroom, or if the hall should have a communal shower.

If this plan went through, Schaffer said the college would build it on the residence hall parking lot and move the modular building. The college would also have build a larger parking lot to the west of the residence hall. However, Schaffer said nothing is set in stone yet. The college is using a construction group call Method based in Utah.    

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