RAC renovations have potential to increase enrollment, athletic director said

Laramie County Community College recently launched a campaign favoring renovation/construction projects for the student dorms, the Recreation and Athletics Complex, and the Fine Arts building.

LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said while the student dorms will require the construction of a new building, the RAC needs renovating because the building is old.

“It’s just an old facility that we need to do some things with,” Schaffer said. “The recreational space, fitness space leaves quite a bit to be desired.”

As of right now, with the older design, the RAC doesn’t have air conditioning, has reached maximum electrical capacity, and isn’t up to recent standards to keep the building running.

Scott Noble, athletics and campus recreation director, said the RAC doesn’t follow any of the ADA requirements, which includes access and door width.

“Our pool has fallen under a requirement that now states, ‘If you have x amount of gallons, you have to have a six inch line to drain the pool,’”Noble said. “Ours is four inches.”

Schaffer said the pool will most likely be shut down because it doesn’t follow the necessary standards. While the pool is popular among our senior community members, Noble said the pool doesn’t appeal to the college’s traditional students as much.

Noble said there is no air conditioning, no TVs, and the space is small in the RAC, which is where students workout.

“It’s very 1970’s,” Noble said.  


According to Noble, as of right now the RAC center isn’t appealing to incoming students. Noble described the RAC as nothing but concrete and paint. In recent plans for the RAC, Noble said there is an option to open up the interior so there is a large space for students. There was also talk about including a rock climbing wall in this area.

Noble added there is the possibility of a sports lab in the RAC, and plans to expand into outdoor activities including renting bikes, canoes, and various other activities.  

“Anytime you build anything new, people will come to see it,” Noble said.

Noble said the new renovations would help the college’s growth strategy by making it more appealing to potential students. According to Noble, when potential students come to the campus, appealing facilities is often times what determines if a student comes to LCCC.

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