“Building Forward“ plan needed to improve campus life and education

For those who have progression in mind, and think beyond the next year or 10, the Capital Campaign is a symbol of prosperity. For others, it is simply a wasteful investment and a burden.

We at Wingspan reason it is a small price to pay when investing into the future educations of generations to come.

Opposition to the campaign reflects those who believe that the college can support themselves, or feel that since they have no affiliation with the college, they should not have the responsibility for funding its endeavors. Some don’t support certain projects in the campaign and believe, since the Cheyenne population is decreasing, there is no point to expanding the college.

To some degree these are logical disagreements, but these arguments pertain to the present and not the bigger picture.

According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, recent estimates calculated by college officials revealed that if the measure passes, property owners will pay an extra $1.50 a month for each home that has a value of $100,000. If simply giving up a slice a pizza or a song on iTunes a month means more than providing future students a chance to learn in an environment where they can thrive and build upon their skills, then so be it.

It is also important to keep in mind that homeowners are not the only ones who will be impacted financially. Students will also pay their fair share since the college would raise student fees, and most of these students will never get a chance to use the new facilities. However, that is why we are looking at the capital campaign as the ‘bigger picture.’

According to census statistics, the population in the Cheyenne area is in decline. With young adults having the highest percentage of decline, 71% of residents ages 18-39 who were surveyed revealed  this decline is going to negatively impact the community. Taking into consideration that LCCC is home to both traditional and nontraditional students, construction to its facilities will not only enhance the potential of increasing student enrollment, but it will also be an opportunity for the community to welcome more young adults.

Projects such as the Capital Campaign give communities the chance to show support to education and display confidence in their town. Whether the Cheyenne area is merely part of a five-year plan, or a place where you can call home, investing in this project means giving future students a chance to make the world we live in a better place.

75% of voters are either currently enrolled, are alumni, or have a family member at LCCC; leaving no doubt that the Cheyenne community has a strong connection with LCCC.

Some may refer to it as a favor. We recognize the Capital Campaign as paying it forward. Something as small as saying hello and conversing with a stranger can make their day, just as giving $1.50 a month could very well change a student’s career and future success.

The renovation and construction of the Fine Arts building will include a new performance hall that will sit 450 people. LCCC is the only college in the state that does not have an auditorium, which would give theater and music students a place to perform. This addition would also allow the college to host other events for the community, creating a new tie between LCCC and its supporting community.

The Recreations & Athletic Complex, which is 44 years-old, is a vital resource for the athletics program and with an updated facility, the college is more likely to contend with other colleges when recruiting athletes. This is another opportunity for the college to increase enrollment and bring more young adults into the area.

Cheyenne residents must come together and do what it takes to improve the campus in support of the college’s future. Theoretically, if a person from this community were to never step foot inside the up-to-date auditorium or bounce a basketball on the newly installed floor, they should reason that many innovative and extraordinary minds will get the chance to perform in that very auditorium and bounce a basketball on that very court.

Education is a vital part of being successful in today’s society. Choosing a college that fits the needs of a student is crucial. An investment like the Capital Campaign means enriching the lives of the people who will one day have a chance to make a difference in not only the local community and nation, but possibly the world.



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