Coach sets high expectations despite tough competition

Competition has been tough for the LCCC Golden Eagles volleyball team early this season.

“We’ve seen many really strong teams and the best team that we’ve played against thus far has been defending national champs, and number one ranked, Miami Dade,” said Austin Albers, head coach of the team. “From now on our games will be winnable.”

The volleyball team welcomed seven new freshman members to the team this season. Albers said that the new recruits are adjusting well to college athletics.

“They came in fit,” Albers said. “They have their freshmen moments but I’m pleased with their talent. They bring a lot of talent and energy to the team.”

There have been no major injuries so far, which Albers attributes to the team’s overwhelming care to fitness.

“A team that can come in and play at the speed that we want them to play for hours at a time,” Albers said. “They don’t have injuries and they can do our training and workouts without much physical strain.”

Albers expectation for this season is that the team will be put in a position to compete in the Region IX title. To get the team ready, Albers said they will have lots of practice and focus on daily improvement.

“We set small goals to ensure that we keep a narrow focus and that we’re working to get better each week,” Albers said.


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