Forty employees participate in showmanship contest

The 2nd annual Best of LCCC Showmanship Contest raised $1,000 toward extra curricular activities for Agriculture students. Forty faculty and staff members, including four deans, participated in the event, held Sept. 26 at the LCCC Arena.

The winner from the championship round was Stacie Hassinger, an instructor and clinical coordinator and for the dental hygiene program. The runner-up was Brynn Elliott,  interim director of residential living and student conduct.

“The students and I decided to make the fundraiser a little simpler than what it was last year,” said Matt Morrison, an instructor and livestock judging coach. There were only two rounds. The first round, which took about 15 minutes, included four groups where the participants showed cows, pigs, sheep and goats.  After the first round the top two people from each of the groups were chosen to go to the championship round.

Other nominees included: Bryan Wilson, Cindy Henning, Kari Brown-Herbst, James Miller, Nola Rocha, Cindy Henning, Connie Czarnecki, Sheridan Hansen, Sarah Hughes, Adrienne Wade, Karen Clark-Bond, Scott Noble, Juan Maldonado, Julie Gerstne,r Lisa Trimble, Alex Barker, Daniel Powell, Dawn Puente, Vito Milatzo, Joe Schaffer, Amber Telander, Mary Ellen Tast, Mike Sayers, Tammy Maas, Bobby Baker, Lucas Yosten, Marina Malatesta, Amber Lopez and Dorothy Moen.

Daniel Powell, the dean of the Arts and Humanities; Stacie Hassinger, an instructor and the clinical coordinator for the dental hygiene program; and Leif Swanson, an English instructor participate together by showing some goats.
“It’s a goat trot not the fox trot,” said Powell.

A goat waits for its turn to be shown.

A participant leads her goat while having fun during the competition.

One of the participants said that he trained his pig so good that he could put him to sleep with a flick of his wrist.

Some of the participants showing their goats.

Stacie Hassinger showing off her princess goat at the 2nd annual livestock fundraiser.

One of the pigs waits to be shown.

Stacie Hassinger jokes about how she has a magic goat that makes money to bribe the judges.

 All of the participants pose for a picture before the competition.

Jill Koslosky bribes the judge with a hat from LCCC.


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