The horrors of dating slashed by the perks of being single

Creighton GroveSingle, pshh… I’m dating myself, duh!

While being single is seen on social media as a sign of loneliness, or for people who can’t get a date, dating is seen as ideal. Dating is fun, but it’s always nice to not have to worry about a relationship.

Relationships take time, money, and commitment, but being single means dealing only with your own day-to-day expenses. Not only does being single mean saving money, it also enables a certain amount of independence. There is a lot of reliance on each person when you’re in a relationship (which is essentially what a relationship is), but when you’re single the only person you need to worry about is No. 1: yourself.   

Being single is much more than being alone; it means being able to spoil yourself, get things done, and, best of all, eat all the junk food you want. When I think of a perfect night alone, it involves a bubble bath, my favorite show and sushi. The best part of this night would be that I’m alone and don’t have to keep up with my appearance. I’m completely able to spoil myself because it’s just me.

Because of the work it takes to keep up a relationship, chores, errands and school work are often pushed aside. Being single means being able to get stuff done with very few interruptions. Although shopping dates are fun, sometimes it’s nice to be able to go to the store alone. It might also save you money. Speaking from experience, when you go to a store on a date, you’re more likely to buy things you might not need.  When you shop alone, there’s only one person you’re shopping for, and that money could be used to spoil yourself.

The best part about being single is not having to impress anyone. There are always those people you don’t feel comfortable pigging out with, your significant other included. Being single means pigging out whenever you want, and it means being able to order a large pizza and eat it by yourself with absolutely no shame.

I won’t say dating is terrible, however, I thoroughly believe being single is a great thing. Don’t ever feel the need to date, and stay open to the idea of taking your personal needs into account.


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