Drag me to Zombie Fest

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn autumnal colors and everything has a pumpkin spice to it. However, if you are more into the ghoul of October, you should look into Zombie Fest.

Zombie Fest is full of events that should not take place before the witching hour. There is everything from a zombie fashion show to drag queen bingo, and face painting for the little ones.

Zombie Fest was created by a local teacher, Rory Mack. Mack got the idea for Zombie Fest back in 2010 volunteering for the Cheyenne Little Theater. The Walking Dead, a hit television show on AMC, had recently became a cultural hit and Mack and the Little Theater were looking for new ways to raise money for their organization. That is when Mack came up with the idea for Zombie Fest.

It just so happened that Cheyenne Depot was putting on their annual Zombie Walk the same year as the inaugural Zombie Fest, so they ended up partnering up for the event. Zombie Fest took place in the Atlas Theatre downtown while the Zombie Walk took place in the depot. The first year was a hit, with nearly 4,000 attending. Zombie Fest and the Zombie Walk have worked hand-in-hand ever since.

“Zombie Fest really is a place for families to get together and enjoy something a little different for our area,” Mack said.

Zombie Fest puts on many different events each year. The events consist of a zombie prom for the teenagers, a zombie walk, a brain eating contest and a humans versus zombies obstacle course.

“It truly is a family event,” Mack said.

One of the prize events at Zombie Fest is the horror film festival. The film festival takes place the Friday night before the actual Zombie Fest. Films have been brought in from places all around the country and world. In past years the festival has received submissions from Colorado, Tennessee, Brazil and Israel.

Zombie Fest has also been able to bring many Halloween and horror film-related celebrities to the event. In past years the event has brought in horror actors such as Michael Berryman, Linnea Quigley, Ken Foree and Christopher Siron. In 2016, Zombie Fest was able to bring in Ari Lehman – the original Jason Voorhees – from Friday the 13th.

Photo by Melissa Mack

The 2017 Zombie Fest has already occurred this year. Due to scheduling conflicts, Zombie Fest took place in August, but the committee is already at work for next year and plans on returning the event to September.

Mack had

words of advice for all ghoul seekers.

“As long as people keep showing up, we will keep putting on Zombie Fest.”


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