Immortality, Fertility explored in Trees of Life Exhibit.

Denver artist Stephanie Kantor will be putting her large scale, sculptural ceramic pots on display from Oct. 23 through Dec. 4 at the Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery, located in the Fine Arts building at Laramie County Community College.

Kantor’s exhibit and artwork is unique due to the fact she uses both her ceramic pots and the exhibition location to present her exhibition, “Trees.”

“It’s a sculpture/installation exhibit,” said Matt West, an art instructor at LCCC. “It’s going to involve the entire environment of the gallery.”

Kantor transforms her environment to allow observers to experience both nature and to show how her trees are a new way of interpreting Mexican trees of life by using paint, wallpaper and cut screens. Kantor’s exhibit honors the memories and investigations of nature and floral motifs.

The tree of life concept is interpreted by artists all around the world through various mediums such as architecture, literature and textiles. They symbolize immortality, fertility and the cycles of nature and life. Kantor’s exhibit specifically relates to diversity and the contradictory aspects of culture.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kantor went on to receive her master of fine arts degree at the University of Colorado Boulder in ceramics, and her bachelor’s of fine arts degree at Penn State University. Her exhibits have been displayed all over the U.S. including states such as Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Texas.

“We met each other through the arts in the region,” West said. “She’s a resident down at RedLine Arts Center in Denver. It’s a big deal; it’s a big award she has and so we met through the people who run that. She was looking for locations to install her sculpture show and we have one of those.”

The gallery is free to the public and open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. An artist reception with Kantor will be held at noon on Oct. 23.



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