Golden Eagles welcome new recruits

Nationally ranked at #14, the Golden Eagles welcomed 11 recruits to the volleyball team.

“This group of freshman is very active, goofy, but also seem to have a real understanding and dedication for our goals,” said Austin Albers, LCCC Head Women’s Volleyball Coach .“They are here to play volleyball and be successful and that is evident in the way that they approach the game.”

Being part of a nationally ranked team requires not physical and mental fitness. The first thing new recruits are required to do is conduct a physical test to see who has the mental toughness to make it through the program.

According to Albers, the new recruits have areas to grow just like all players on the team do.

“For the freshman specifically, it’s getting them to understand and play within our system, getting them used to playing at a college speed, and getting them in a place where they are comfortable being coached and challenged and in a mindset where they approach the game like professionals, Albers said.

Leading the way among the newcomers is freshman Avery Nelson, who leads the team in kills with 289. Other freshmen with more than 100 kills in the season are: Carlee Morrison, 250; Kylie Martin, 235 and Payton Stack, 147.

Freshman contributing to digs this season are Macy Bourn, 383; Kyle Meltzer, 201 and Sydney Montoya, 110.

New recruits leading in blocks are Jessica Benedict, 9 and Payton Stack, 8.

As a whole, the Golden Eagles focus on skill development and repping out bad habits.

According to Albers, the Golden Eagles have several strong leaders and each player brings a bit something different to the team.

“For us, every player matters and has an impact in one way or another toward our success,” Alb

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