Trainer presents healthy tips for athletes

The weight room at Laramie County Community College.

Look good, feel good, eat good. These are tips for a college student to be healthy and lose weight from Megan Shifflett, Athletic Trainer for Laramie County Community College’s athletic department. Some good healthy choices you can find in LCCC’s dining hall consist of:

  • Salad bar (without all the extra toppings like bread crumbs).
  • Lean meat like chicken.
  • Avoid sugary foods, including desserts.

Shifflett advises athletes to take care of their bodies by having a good warmup and cool down. Being able to stretch before and after you start training is a big factor for having a healthy body. By stretching, you prevent tearing muscles and get warmed up for a good, hard workout. Getting on top of your injuries before they become a bigger issue is important to stay healthy.

Shifflet mentions that her position as an athletic trainer involves emergency response and injuries. However, she’s there also for warming up and cooling down athletes during their work out, and everything in-between.

According to Shifflett, a common misconception about losing weight is that cardio is the way to go. Cardio is a big part in overall health, but strength training is a great weight loss tool. Weight loss shouldn’t always be a goal, but rather being being healthy, toned, and able to do the activities you want to do. Everyone has this idea that they have to be as skinny and fit as people look in social media. It’s not about that, it’s how you feel in your body and how well you do in the activities you are interested in.

Shifflett said diet is 90 percent more important than exercise. Having a well-rounded meal leads to better results.

It is easy to overeat in a buffet-type setting for food. You don’t have to necessary watch what you eat; you need to have portion control. Join a fitness class get a credit for it, use the new frisbee golf at LCCC, walk the stairs don’t use the elevator, and get a lot of sleep. And Shifflett advises that mental health is just as important as physical health, so make sure you find help to manage stress.


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