Firefighters strike a pose with animals in need

Cheyenne firefighters have announced they will be producing their first calendar. Filled with chiseled abs and cute dogs, the firefighters have teamed up with Black Dog Rescue to publish the calendar.

The original goal for Black Dog Rescue was to raise $10,000 though due to high demand they’ve raised their goal to $20,000.

The publicity has raised awareness toward Black Dog Rescue and the animals. The calendar will not get individual animals adopted but the awareness created through the event will help tremendously.

Each calendar will cost 20 dollars and are available for purchase at the Cheyenne Fire Department headquarters , located at 415 W. 18th St., and at Black Dog Rescue.

Fifteen firefighters will be featured in the calendar with the animals of Black Dog Rescue. Half the proceeds from calendar sales will go towards Black Dog Rescue while the other half will return to the Cheyenne Fire Department, which they will then donate to Laramie County Coats for Kids.  


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