Horse quarantine lifted, illnesses still unknown

The quarantine for horses at Laramie County Community College has been lifted after a recent incident on campus where an ill horse was put in isolation.

Strangles, a common equine illness, was the culprit that caused the horse to be put into isolation.

College administrators, veterinarians and equine experts met to discuss the situation. Ten days have passed with no fevers or any signs of illness in any horses.

Classes on campus, and regular equine activities, have resumed while personnel continue to maintain the health safety measures and protocol.

Test were taken from the two other horses on campus that were recently euthanized, and the results ruled out a number of illnesses that would affect a large population of horses. It remains unknown what the illnesses were, or what caused the illnesses, in the horses,

Multiple rounds of thorough cleaning took place in the indoor stalls and related areas.  Currently, it’s not believed that the strangles incident was related to the illness of the other two horses.

As the number of horses on campus grows, LCCC will be reviewing and updating equine health procedures.

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