Marijuana not a problem on LCCC campus

Laramie County Community College has not had a marijuana problem on campus or in the residence hall within the last couple of semesters.

At the end of September, 197 pounds of marijuana was confiscated west of Cheyenne.

According to LCCC’s Campus Security, there have not been any reports or problems of marijuana on campus or in the residence hall.

LCCC is a drug and alcohol free campus, meaning it cannot be on campus at all or at any college events.

The use of marijuana is also illegal in the state of Wyoming.

The LCCC student handbook states  “that the use of and abuse of alcohol and other drugs interfere with students’ educational goals.”

Any student that is found with any substance not allowed on campus will have consequences from civil authorities as well as disciplinary actions by the college.

In the residence hall, it is a violation of housing policy to have illegal substances in the room.

“Luckily, we haven’t had any problems with marijuana in the residence halls,” Brynn Elliott, Interim Director of Residential Living & Student Conduct said. “We bring in drug dogs once a month as a precaution.”

If any substance is found in a student’s room in the resident hall, the sheriff’s department is to be notified.

“I do think that that it is important that if anything happens in the residence hall, we call the sheriff’s department, whether it be drugs or underage drinking,” Elliott said.

In the student handbook, “the College is committed to facilitating an alcohol and drug-free learning environment and maintaining a drug and alcohol policy in compliance with Title IV requirements.”



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