Applying education to career fields

Students Working in their field

Laramie County Community College offers ways to begin your career while earning a degree.

Photo by Abby Morillon

Megan Davis, LCCC freshman, utilizes the classes she takes at LCCC prime her for her future career.

Megan Davis, an LCCC freshman,  graduated from East High School in Cheyenne.  Davis works at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Her hours are from 7:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m., and she said she still gets up in the morning to attend her early morning classes.

Some career fields require students to get their prerequisites out of the way before they can get into the program. Davis said her adviser helped her chose the right classes she needs to stay on track.

“My adviser helped me to create a schedule that best suited my career path of nursing,” Davis said.

The prerequisite classes that students take are geared for their career. Davis expressed that they provide the knowledge necessary to create a well-aware student. Davis found her classes to be very helpful and interesting.

“These classes will help me gain knowledge and skill I will need for nursing,” Davis said.

Davis said opportunities will present themselves to students when they apply the knowledge they gained from school to their career fields. Davis said public speaking is a great example of applying knowledge in nursing; this is shown when nurses have to communicate clearly to a patient without getting nervous.

“Learning to have good public speaking skills, and general idea of the study of life should help me in nursing by having good communication and well-rounded knowledge,” Davis said.

Davis said there are some classes that are more helpful than others. For Davis, it’s College Success and English.

“College Success and English I find less helpful compared to public speaking and biology,” Davis said.

Students may wonder how they can take classes that line up with their career field.

“Trust your advisors but also be an advocate for yourself,” Davis said. “If you’re more involved in your classes and are interested to learn you will be more successful.”



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