D2L changes once again

There are coordinating efforts across Wyoming to get a new learning management system known as Canvas implemented in schools. The University of Wyoming has already implemented Canvas, and five other Wyoming community colleges are moving forward with the project.

In 2018, most schools across the state will be transitioning from Desire2Learn to Canvas. This change is hoped to benefit both teachers and students.

Canvas can be described as a learning management system that makes “teaching and learning easier.” Much like D2l, Canvas is an online database for classes and communication between students and teachers.

Laramie County Community College has been working on this joint transition project for quite some time.

“We had this idea to pull together our resources and get more bang for our buck,” said Kari Herbst-Brown, the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching.

Intermediate schools across Wyoming are also implementing Canvas. Children will be familiar with Canvas starting in grade school through high school. The system will make it easier for Wyoming kids to navigate their courses in college because they will already be familiar with Canvas from previous years.

Remote students and those taking online courses will find it easier to contact and get support Herbst-Brown said because Canvas is already developed in student training and resources.

According the Herbst-Brown, Canvas will have students, teachers and faculty on the same page. Everyone will have the same ‘tool’ at their disposal and everything will be consistent. Colleagues across the state will have easy conversation and collaboration with each other.

“They can get busy learning the content of their courses instead of fighting the technology,” Herbst-Brown said.

Recently, Canvas specialists were at LCCC to help with the technical aspects of local development and communications between faculty and Canvas.

At the beginning of November, Canvas presentations will be held at the University of Wyoming innovations conference. LCCC will begin archiving course material and preparing for Canvas in January.

Faculty training will be offered for Canvas in February.  In May, LCCC will offer courses from Canvas, and the following month D2L access will be discontinued.

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