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LCCC Students at Lake & Volcano Imbabura IThe Study Abroad Program is leaving for Alicante, Spain on May 19 and coming back June 3 this spring semester.

“Anyone can get involved as long as they are a part of the study abroad program,” said Juan Antonio Bernabeau, a Spanish instructor.

To get involved in the study abroad program, a student can either take one of the Spanish classes as a credit hour or audit.

“Students not seeking credit can audit Spanish 1070,” Bernabeau said.

There are two classes that are for the study abroad program; Spanish 1070 – Oral conversation abroad and Spanish 2070 – Intensive Spanish abroad.

“LCCC is good at helping students wanting to study abroad,” Bernabeau said.

Pronoi children receiving kits 4Students are now in the process of getting ready to go to Spain by raising money and attending monthly orientation meetings. Students must come up with two thirds of the total cost for the trip, and LCCC will help with one third of the cost. The students are fundraising money with the help of the LCCC International Ambassadors club. The estimated cost for the trip is $2687.70

“Every month, prior to the trip, starting in January students will be learning what they will encounter studying abroad; many other things like hygiene and what is the expected behaviors there,” Bernabeau said.

When the students are in Spain they will be in classes for four hours a week. Students will be visiting sights in and out of Alicante. They will also be supporting the efforts of reputable organizations as service projects in Alicante.

“South East of Alicante, this happens to be my home town,” Bernabeau said. “The reason why I am doing this is to pay back because this place is the reason why I have become what I am now.”

Rae Lynn, Torey & Addison serving at COVIThe places that the students will visit in Alicante are: Castillo de Santa Barbara; Paseo de la Explanada; Playa del Postiguet; Barrio de Santa Cruz; Gracina Mueseo de Arte and Española y Alicantina.

Out of town students will visit LʽOceanografic Valencia, Terra Mitica, Tabarca Islan, Múseo arqueológico, Castells de Guadalest and Altea.

“The study abroad program is valuable to all students,” Bernabeau said.

The program provides opportunities for employee’s to increase their salary because some jobs or companies value linguistic skills that will improve their service to customers.  


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