Wingspan RAC Survey

The current Multipurpose gym at Laramie County Community College.

The Recreation & Athletic Complex is a place at Laramie County Community College where students can participate in activities and get fit. LCCC is proposing RAC renovations to encourage more students to use the facility. The RAC has been long overdue for a renovations, and students have come out and voiced their opinion on what they want to see different in the Recreational Activity Complex

There is a multipurpose room with a rock wall that students can use. An aerobics room with treadmills, ellipticals and an area for aerobics classes. A weight room has squatting and benching racks, dumbbells and different types of lifting machines. The pool in the RAC is frequented by the community for swimming classes.  

Wingspan conducted a survey to get students’ perspectives on what they want the RAC to look like, what it is missing, and how it could be more appealing. LCCC is working on a capital campaign that would secure funding for renovations to the RAC.

LCCC students were asked how they thought the RAC could be better for students and the community:

Justin Mandujano, 19, sophomore: “There should be a bigger weight room that holds the treadmills, ellipticals and bikes and a completely different room where fitness classes can be held.”

Katie Loken, 18, freshmen:  “The weight room is too small, it needs better equipment and a more modern look to be more appealing for students to use. There is a room with extra equipment like basketballs, jump ropes that should be more accessible for students to use.”

Blake Mathews,: “There needs to be an upgraded weight room and cardio room, a new audio system, and new soccer for student’s to use.”

Bailey Cklund,: “The school should invest in putting a hot tub in the RAC, it also needs new equipment and more space to for aerobic, and lifting.

Maria de Silveira,: “There should be new lifting machines in the weight room, more room in the weight room to lift, and the pool isn’t useful I haven’t used it.”

Kamryn Seiber,: “There needs to be hot tub for students to use and new equipment in the weight room.”

Elli Worthmam,: “A hot tub in the RAC would be nice. And a larger aerobics room.”

Sychi Schildes,: “When working out in the aerobics room, there were classes going on at the same time. There needs to be more space for classes and for the other people using treadmills.”

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