Houston steps down, Woolhether steps up

The Laramie County Community College Student Government Association’s staff has had a rocky start this year with two resignations, an impeachment case and a new addition to the senate.

Sebastian Houston stepped down from the vice presidency on Oct. 17, with Constance Woolhether stepping up from her secretary position to fill the position on Nov. 7. Jordan Liley resigned from the senate on Oct. 10 and was replaced by Natalia Aranda as a senator for Health Science. And the impeachment process for Senator Justin Mandujano started on Oct. 10, with the vote occurring  on Oct. 24.

Houston said he stepped down because he has a very different thought process on the leadership role than the advisors,  and added he wanted to avoid drama in the SGA.

Woolhether stepped up from her secretary position to fill the vice presidency, and had her first official meeting as vice president on Nov. 7.

“I feel like I’m going to enjoy it,” Woolhether said.

SGA started the impeachment process for Mandujano because he breached the student conduct agreement.

Mandujano said he falsified information on a local business report while working for the business department as a research assistant, which costed him his job.

SGA voted not to impeach Mandujano in an eight to three vote.

“People make mistakes,” SGA President Chris Smith said. “We saw something in Justin.”

Smith explained that Mandujano had worked hard to contribute despite being on trial to be impeached.

SGA also lost a member when Senator Jordan Liley resigned. She was replaced by Natalia Aranda, senator for the school of Health Sciences.


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