Updates and policy changes for LCCC

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees met Oct. 18 to discuss the final plans for the Capital Campaign renovations, in-state tuition and a policy change regarding student misconduct.

The board unanimously passed Planning Level II for the Fine Arts building and the Recreation and Athletics Complex.

President Dr. Joe Schaffer explained on Oct. 13 changes the College Commissions office decided to make to admissions.

“I think these are important changes and important concepts that you should be aware of,” Schaffer said.

Judy Hay, vice president of Student Services, also explained the changes to the Trustees.

“What you see for changes in this round, in terms of what affects students, are acknowledgement that the campus catalogues are all electronic,” Hay said. “Then a statement that the Commissions shall review tuition rates every two year.”

Hay also said they would reference the University of Wyoming residency regulations, but the college would have its own policies.

They also changed the requirements for a student’s status Hay said. A student must be able to prove residency in Wyoming to have the in-state tuition. Instead of requiring one year of residency, Hay said the commissions would only require six months.

In commissions, if a student is a member of the military, they automatically receive in-state tuition.

“This will be a change we will implement mid-year,” Hay said. “We’ll notify students and we will publish that on our website.”

Next, Hay explained that New York and Virginia require the college to note a code of conduct violation in a student’s transcript.

“Including violence against another person, so sexual assault and assault,” Hay said. She also said Colorado has been trying to implement these requirements.

Hay explained that there have been instances where students who commit violence against other students will go to another school and do the exact same thing at another institution.

“No longer will we pass off our bad apples to other places to prey on others,” Hay said. She also said Wyoming doesn’t have this policy and that the college should implement it carefully.

“So, we will be looking at some updates to our admissions policy that gives us some consistent and objective ways to take a student who brings a transcript that has a notation or has a criminal history,” Hay said. “And to look at those offences objectively and with full information, so we make a decent decision regarding our campus.”  

Hay  expects that they will incorporate this new policy by the end of this year.

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