Lisa Trimble chosen as Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement


Lisa Trimble is now the permanent Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Laramie County Community College. Trimble has been the interim AVP since Jan. 2017.

The AVP is the executive director of the LCCC Foundation and looks over public relations and marketing of the college.

“That is something I look forward to is really getting to understand more of the administrative side of the college, and broadening my horizons for the understanding of what is taking place at the college,” Trimble said.

Before Trimble came to LCCC, she was the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Special Events at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Trimble had the opportunity of a part time position here at LCCC and she enjoyed everything the college offered.

From 2007 to 2016, Trimble was the LCCC Cultural Events Coordinator, as well as the Director of Alumni Affairs and Event Planning for the Foundation.

“I think it is a great environment,” Trimble said. “I really enjoy the people I get to work with and it’s also fun to be able to interact with the students.”

Institutional advancement includes both the Foundation and public relations teams at LCCC.

The Foundation is given developmental priorities from President Dr. Joe Schaffer each year which can include fundraising goals, community engagement goals and scholarship goals. The Foundation will be finalizing those goals going into January of the upcoming year.

“Being in the interim role previously, we really were just trying to keep things going, continue to move forward and be productive in what we were already doing,” Trimble said. “Moving into this next year we have the opportunity to establish finite goals that we want to build upon which also builds more upon our development priorities we have for the college.”

Within the public relations side, the team wants to improve how they target what they do for the college whether it be recruitment and retention or how they support programs and groups on campus.

“I don’t think people will see huge changes within public relations, but there is always room for growth, development and people to make suggestions,” Trimble said. “I wouldn’t expect to see large changes going into the next year.”

Public relations went through reorganization last year, so not many changes are needed at the moment, but Trimble does want to engage more with the local media on behalf of LCCC’s public relations.

“Being able to continue to work at the college and continue to see the college in a new perspective is a really amazing opportunity,” Trimble said.  



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