LCCC student wins POWER UP Retro Renegade Sweepstakes

A student from Laramie County Community College won the POWER UP Retro Renegade sweepstakes from the Retro Renegade National Prize Sweepstakes.

Sierra Hennelly, feature editor of Wingspan, was selected as one of 23 winners.

POWER UP is a feature in Sodexo’s more than 600 college and university campuses. It is a promotion for students interested in popular gaming culture and the foods that get them through their studying days. Hennelly will receive two prizes within the First Prize section, an Atari Flashback 7 and a $200 Best Buy Gift Card.

About Sierra Hennelly (17 Articles)
I have lived in Cheyenne for more than 10 years. I have been fascinated by art and design since my time in Henderson Elementary School. When I entered into high school, I began getting into media. I’ve worked on computer graphics in CorelDraw and digital art on Photoshop. I started going to Laramie County Community College in June 2015 in the same week as graduating from East High School. My interests are usually about animation, video games and I would like to become a graphic designer in the future.

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