The Food Pantry will return to LCCC in the spring of 2018

More students will soon be able to get help from the Laramie County Community College Pantry thanks to efforts by the Student Engagement and Diversity Office.

The group of students, staff and faculty members is moving the food bank, and bringing in more food for students.

“When we’re up and fully running, it will be run by a work study student, like federal work study student, and then volunteers from the campus community. Student volunteers, staff, and faculty sometimes volunteer to work a hour or two out of the week in the Pantry as well, so it is all run by volunteers,’’ Zeke Sorenson, Coordinator, Student Engagement & Diversity, said.

The pantry is working with outside sources such as other schools, banks, and grocery stores to help bringing in food for students that are in need. Getting food for the pantry is on a voluntary basis.

“We have two classes that have food drives,’’ Derek Goldfuss, advisor of the Pantry, said. ‘’They’re business classes that organize the food drives as a class project. We’re working with our dean of the school. Currently, Jill Koslosky, Business Agriculture and Technology dean, is helping us,” Goldfuss said.

“The student government does food runs with the Pantry account. Nov. 3 we will be doing a large run to Sam’s Club to restock the Pantry,” Goldfuss said. “Sometimes we work with Sodexo. Right now they’re doing separate food drives but usually we work with them on food drives. Bank of the West, I believe, is also doing a food drive with us.”

With the food pantry opening up in the spring of the semester, they will be having a grand opening the first week. When the new Pantry opens in the spring the Student Engagement Diversity Office are expecting a increase for students customers needing food.


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