Online training educates students on college safety

Laramie County Community College students are required to take sexual assault and drug abuse prevention training through an online training program called Not Anymore before registering for spring semester.

Students are instructed to complete two Not Anymore online courses and receive at least a 70 percent on both quizzes presented after the training.

Not Anymore educates students on consent, sexual assault, dating, domestic violence and stalking. The course takes students through life-like interactive videos and asks thought provoking questions.

“Not Anymore will help you better understand how vitally important these issues are and what you can do to help make our campus safer,” Vice President of Student Services Judy Hay said.

Not Anymore  also educates students on bystander intervention and  give students a better understanding of what to do when witnessing situations involving sexual assault and violence.

“My personal desire for all students is to be safe and have good experiences here at LCCC,” Hay said.

Hays says students are encouraged to report if they’ve seen something that puts them or other students in dangerous situations.  

In recent years, prevention training offered at Laramie County Community College was called “Think About It,” but Hay said that Not Anymore is much more effective.

Hay says that she has been stopped by several women on campus who have told her that these prevention courses have been “really good and authentic.”

With its lifelike scenarios, Hay said that Not Anymore might be “triggering” for some students. If this is the case, students are encouraged to seek help from LCCC counselors, advisors or Hay herself.  



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