Dental Hygiene Program to hold fundraiser

The Dental Hygiene program is selling poinsettias, Christmas cactus’ and succulent plants this holiday season in a fundraiser to support its pinning ceremony.

The flowers that are being sold are from Fun Services in Colorado. Sizes vary from poinsettias, either 6 ½” inches or 8 ½” inches potted and wrapped; 6” inches for perennial Christmas cactus, and 4 ½” inches for an potted succulent garden. The poinsettias come in three colors: red, white and pink. The prices range from $12.50 for the Christmas cactus and small poinsettias; $15 for the succulents and $30 for the large poinsettias.

The Student American Dental Hygienists Association currently has 19 students enrolled in the dental hygiene program and in this club. This is a national club. The students are graduating in early December. By then, these students can celebrate in the pinning ceremony soon before going into their careers.

The pinning ceremony is a celebration for dental hygienists who have completed their program. The timing for the pinning ceremony is different from graduating in commencement. New students have a specific schedule to attend, from January to December, in four terms until the pinning ceremony happens. The upcoming pinning ceremony will be on April 6th.

The students of the Dental Hygiene program have done fundraisers before. Last semester they sold cookie dough from Eileen’s Cookies.

The plants are already sold this month, but the arrival of purchased plants will happen on Nov. 30.


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