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Creighton GroveLocal governments throughout the United States have recently made decisions to remove statues that represent the Confederacy because of their representation of slavery.

This has caused controversy because some Americans believe the statues represent American history and shouldn’t be removed. However, there has always been someone to record history since America was established.

Confederate statues should be removed if they’re causing distress.

Let’s look at the history of how the war on the Confederate States came about. According to History.com, the Civil War started in Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861. The battle on Fort Sumter lasted 34 hours before U.S. Major Robert Anderson withdrew his 86 soldiers. The Confederate States had control over Fort Sumter for nearly four years.

The war lasted four years and killed or injured nearly 500,000 Confederate soldiers. By the end of the war 620,000 soldiers had been killed.

The war was a result of 11 southern states separating from the Union to preserve the institution of slavery. The president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, advocated for a separation, and when the United States refused to separate, war broke out.

The statues are representations of the Confederate side of the war and supporters of slavery. Although many Americans argue the statues are representations of history and shouldn’t be torn down, the statues are negative representations that many Americans find offensive.

According to YouGov. US, 54 percent of Americans see the Confederate statues as a symbol of southern pride, 26 percent see the statues as a symbol of racism, and 20 percent are unsure.  

The U.S. still faces issues dealing with racism, so having statues that represent people who fought to keep slavery enacted can cause misunderstandings and discomfort. Because of the struggle many Americans still face regarding racism, Confederate statues can lead many people to believe that the United States still supports segregation between white and black people.

The U.S. shouldn’t keep these representations of the Confederacy as history when there are other efficient ways of recording and representing history.

Since the beginning, the U.S. has recorded history through writing. Statues are great representations of history, but only books can give you the full story. History is often used in works of writing, and  used as inspiration for a lot of very popular works of fiction.

Many books people read today have some aspect of history in it, whether it’s a war or a tragic event.. An example of this would be a book written about the holocaust called, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.’ Because of the positive feedback, this book was turned into a movie.  

The U.S. uses a lot of visual representations of history, including Lady Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Lincoln Monument. These statues represent victories and times in America that affected society or brought about change in a positive way. While the Confederate statues represent a time in history that has affected society, they also represent a very bad time in United States history for African Americans.

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