Musician gets his big break in Fort Collins

Cheyenne musician Mark Madrid gets the opportunity of a lifetime to record his new upcoming record in the famous Blasting Room Studios starting in January.

Photo by Hannah Martin

Mark Madrid received a full ride scholarship to LCCC for Music Performance.

The Blasting Room Studio, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, has been working with well-known bands from all corners of the globe. The studio has been recording and producing since 1994. The Blasting Room was built by band members such as the Descendents, ALL, and Black Flag.  

“Recording is nothing too new for me but recording in a professional studio is a completely new game,” Madrid said. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity, and I’m hoping some of the magic in the studio rubs off on me. I’m going to be working with people who have done this for a living for a great deal of time. …I’m going to get suggestions that I never really thought of.”

Madrid would like support to fund his Kickstarter and make things financially easier for him in this new, exciting endeavour.

His upcoming rock/indie record called “Observations and Reconciliations” will be the most “organic” album he’s ever made thus far.

“It’s going to be just unbelievably genuine and real and from me,” Madrid said.

When Madrid was around the age of 10 his brother got him his first guitar, and in sixth grade he found a passion for drums.

“Guitar, drums and vocals are kinda where my heart is at,” Madrid said. “I’ve always had a natural affinity towards musicianship.”

Last year Madrid sold all his belongings and quit is job to travel to Dallas, Texas. His original plan was to bike to Texas but ended up hitchhiking where he stayed in a homeless shelter.

“I ended up selling all of things that I had. I was in a couple musical projects around town,” Madrid said. “I drummed for one of them and played guitar, wrote lyrics and sang for the other one. I got rid of all that.”

Madrid said that once he came back home from Texas that the album “Observations and Reconciliations” was weighing on him.

The inspiration for his upcoming record came from his recent journey but also his faith.   

Madrid says that the album will focus a great deal on the idea of “ lukewarm Christianity.”

“I had been in this place of kind of complacent, apathetic Christianity for a great deal of my life,” Madrid said. “I was ready to be done with that and do the things that God was calling me to do.”

Once Madrid got back from Texas “the blessings started pouring in.” Madrid was offered a full ride scholarship for Music Performance at Laramie County Community College.

Aside from being given the opportunity to record in the Blasting Room, Madrid recently got married Sept. 1 and got a working vehicle as well. Madrid wants his record to also convey the blessings he’s received.

“I want it to be inspirational and uplifting and touch people’s lives,” Madrid said. “I’m hoping that God uses this to help other people who are in that similar situation and to kind of kick them out of the apathy and do what God has called them to do.”

You can support Madrid on his Kickstarter @MarkMadrid or by following him on his social media sites including and


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