New classification compensation system

Laramie County Community College is implementing a new classification and compensation system.

In the fall of 2016, the Board of Trustees asked President Dr. Joe Schaffer to update the current classification and compensation system.

The classification and compensation system are the salaries or wages that employees receive.

Within this new system, no salaries will be reduced within the LCCC campus.

With this, the college sent out a Job Assessment Tool for everybody’s positions on campus. This provided information that was vital for the classification study.

Market information was also taken from local and regional businesses, the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources as well as peer institutions to complete this study.

In a letter Schaffer wrote to the campus, he states that Evergreen Solutions and the Human Resources team at LCCC have been developing “a system that better classifies positions based on the actual scope of work and provides much needed consistency.”

The Human Resources team held informational sessions about what this new classification and compensation system will look like. They also shared what the next steps in the phase were at the time.

The cabinet members are working with the Board of Trustees to figure out the financial piece to this new system.

“The purpose of the new system is to ensure LCCC is externally competitive, internally equitable, readily updateable, easily understood, and fiscally responsible,” Schaffer said.



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