Laramie County Community College has eliminated the STATWAY sequence of developmental math courses.

Elhadji Gaye, a mathematics instructor at LCCC, said in an email to the college staff that the pathway was cut due to low enrollment. Gaye also said that the full STATWAY sequence was only offered once.

“We’ve confirmed that students will not be impacted with the deletion of these offerings and that there aren’t currently any students needing to complete the STATWAY sequence,” Gaye said.

Bryan Wilson, Dean of the School of Math and Sciences, said STATWAY and the similar sequence ALGEBRAWAY are developmental coursework to help students get to and succeed in their first college level math course. STATWAY was a pathway to help get students into college level statistics courses.

Gaye said that students taking the ALGEBRAWAY pathway will satisfy the prerequisite for the STAT 2010, 2050 and 2070 classes. ALGEBRAWAY also satisfies the prerequisite to the calculus sequence, which is needed in STEM programs.

Wilson said that the changes help reduce the number of courses needing to be canceled for low enrollment.

“Canceling courses is difficult for students and faculty,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that the instructors for the STATWAY courses will pick up other math courses and that they will experience no effect to their jobs.

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