Out with D2L, in with Canvas

In 2018 Laramie County Community College will welcome a new learning management system called Canvas, which will replace Desire2Learn.

This new project has already been implemented into some grade schools and colleges across the state, including the University of Wyoming.

The Albany County Campus library assistant Steve Yeager said that when he was a student at LCCC, D2L seemed “clunky” and hard to navigate. Now studying at University of Wyoming, Yeager says he finds Canvas easier to access.

When doing a comparison between the two learning services, Yeager said that D2L requires a bit more searching and time to find certain features, but with Canvas everything is easy to find from the homepage.

Many teachers and students at the Albany Campus were not aware of the switch from D2L to Canvas.

Much like D2L, Canvas will be used by both teachers and students to access emails, courses, news and much more.

Starting in January,, LCCC will begin preparing for the new learning management system, and in the following month courses will be offered on Canvas.  Come June, all D2L access will be stopped.

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