With no bond, trustees plan next step

Laramie County Community College sought a $29.8 million bond in this past election for renovations and projects on campus; however, the bond failed.

This bond would have helped LCCC achieve and finish the Strategic Plan by 2020.

This plan included renovations of the Fine Arts building, construction of a performance hall, renovations and expansion of the Recreation and Athletics Complex and a 350-bed residence hall.

The election ended with 3,861 votes in favor of the bond and 5,505 votes against it.

“For a single initiative election, we had about 10,000 voters turn out, which is a pretty good turnout,” President Dr. Joe Schaffer said. “This election tells me that people were aware that we got the message out, but it also tells me that the community wasn’t ready to support it at this time.”

This bond would have been taken from property taxes bearing a maximum rate or rates of interest of 4.0 percent per annum and to mature within 15.5 years of their respective dates according to the ballot.

“We know that there’s things at LCCC we need to change, so that when students show up on campus they feel good, not just about the education and curriculum, but also about the setting,” Schaffer said. “We will need to continue to make some improvements.

With the bond failing, there is still hope that one of these projects is feasible.

“Arguably, the one project we could possibly still do is the residence hall,” Schaffer said. “It would require a change in scope and reduction in size where students can actually afford to pay off the cost over time.”

The Board of Trustees and President Schaffer will continue to work on another plan to continue to grow and strengthen LCCC.


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