Feminism: The need for equality toward both sexes

Creighton GroveAccording to the dictionary, the term feminism is defined as, “The advocacy of a woman’s rights on the basis of the equality of sexes.”

Feminism is brought up within society when talking about the history of women, during times of inequality between men and woman, and in instances when women are put down because of their sex.

Looking at women in society today, very rarely will you find a women willing to stay home. According to Pew Research, by 2012, only 29 percent of mothers stayed home with their children. With the growing number of women going into the workforce, it brings up new issues with equality.

I was born and raised in Wyoming, which is also known as the Equality State. According to State Symbols USA, a website, “Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote in 1869.” The website also explains that Wyoming allowed women the right to vote so the state would meet population requirements. A state had to have a certain amount of people to participate in the ballot. Although the reason behind it is flawed, the outcome of it did affect a lot of woman positively.

The craziest part of history, especially as a woman, is the idea that women weren’t always treated equally. Women were treated as property and men were treated as their owners. Women weren’t allowed to work and had to stay home with the children.

Women who claim to be feminists are usually those who are fighting for equal pay in the workforce and the same opportunities men are given. Feminism is all about equality between the sexes. Feminism is about women fighting for the same opportunities as men. You mainly find feminism in male dominated industries. For example, women who work in construction have to work harder than men because it’s a very male dominated career and very few women decide to pursue that career path.

There have also been instances where women have gone to court because of unfair pay in their jobs. In a recent case, Google was sued by three different women for discrimination. According to The Verge, the three women were suing the company because they were being underpaid and weren’t given the same promotion opportunities as the men were. Although Google denied these allegations, the Department of Labor is investigating Google’s hiring processes.

These women can be classified as feminists. These women stood up against their superiors because they were being paid unfairly on account of their sex. Feminism is fighting for equality between the sexes.


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