Sodexo takes precautions to ensure food safety

The Cheyenne- Laramie County Health Department is wanting employees to know basic food safety guidelines. Sodexo Manager Kennith Coder explained some health safety guide lines his staff performs everyday to be successful at Laramie County Community College.


“There are health and safety modules that people do online, that are through the company. Employees can understand the basic understanding of cooking,” Coder said.


This online module covers simple health guidelines to get an employee started at Sodexo. The module is from knowing what temperature food has to be at to be considered safe. To also knowing what are the right cutting boards that are being used preparing certain foods. Also know what chemicals to clean up certain spills.


Coder said there are no new health guidelines that Sodexo has to follow,  they have standard health guidelines that any food service has to pass to be able to stay in business.


Food training, in most cases, for the executive chef or general manager will be culinary school. Coder explained that some of the supervisors have a certificate course where they learn all the basics, knife skills and food safety. He also said this is where they mainly train.


Sodexo follows the main food safety guidelines that helps them maintain a high score from the health department. Coder said Sodexo also has monthly food safety and physical safety audits,  which requires staff to be extra vigilant during food service hours.


“Food safety audit and physical safety audit, look at proper temperatures, washing hands, and using the right cutting boards. These audits are out of a 100 point system,” said Coder. “During the audits we usually get 96 out of 100.”


Sodexo earns 96 out of 100 on the food safety and physical safety audits.With the high scores that Sodexo is earning, they’re having no trouble following health and safety guidelines.


On Sept. 16, Sodexo was named top-rated company in sector on Dow Jones sustainability index. This is a recognition that the company has been awarded for the 13th year in a row.  Sodexo has been implementing the leadership and commitment worldwide.



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