An inside look at 2 Doors Down

College students are always looking for a good deal when it comes to food. 2 Doors Down has the answer when it comes to burgers.

Jerry Inniss and his wife Sandy started 2 Doors Down in 2009 when they found out the current location was coming available two doors down from their pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Venti.

“This space looked like it was going to come available, Sandy and I have always enjoyed burgers and we always found it difficult to find a good one in town,” Inniss said. “So, we thought that it might be something that we would like to do and basically with the pizza I used to make the buns and I would order burgers in and started creating recipes. When this space became available we just kind of decided to take the plunge and get it started.”

Inniss said he believes that their restaurant is much more than just the burgers. It’s the atmosphere that keeps customers happy and coming back.

“I think it’s a unique kind of a hybrid kind of a restaurant,” Inniss said. “It’s sort of a mix between quick casual and just casual dining. Quick casual being something like Chipotle, where you order and get your food and you are on your own. So, we have that where you order but then we work on the service end of it as well. We make sure you have everything you need so you are not self serving.”

It’s not just the service that makes one feel at home when dining in at 2 Doors Down, it’s the all around experience that the consumer gets from when they enter the door to when they leave.

“We have people at the door,” Inniss said. “Mostly my mom, she greets people so she immediately welcomes them and makes them feel at home. She is genuinely happy to see them and then if they are new and they don’t understand how it works she explains that to them, which puts them at ease.”

The physical building that houses 2 Doors Down is spacious but keeps the lively atmosphere with the layout and decor.

“I think that we do have a nice environment,” Inniss said. “We have the booths and there is a lot of seats, but you don’t feel like you are on top of anybody. You feel like you can be private. We also have big space for parties and stuff like that we host quite a bit.”

Even with the great environment that 2 Doors Down brings to its customer, Inniss said he still believes that their burgers is what sets their restaurant apart from other burger shops in the area.

“Honestly, we take a lot attention to what our burgers are about,” Inniss said. “Our burgers are exclusive to us, so you are not going to find the grade, the blend, the way it’s packaged anywhere else, its exclusive to us. We spend a lot of money on it, to make sure the quality is there and then with our buns the same thing. We have a bakery that does them just for us. All the ingredients are fresh, we do everything several times a day, we don’t mass prepare and then just live on it for two or three days. We do it over the course of a day, so I think the freshness, quality and overall value is a great combination and people enjoy it.”

Burgers aren’t always what an individual is looking for, and 2 Doors Down brings various options to its customers. To go along with their 19 signature burgers, 2 Doors Down offers appetizers, soups and salads, as well as tacos, fish n chips, ribs, tuna and chile rellenos.

Maybe entrees aren’t what you are in the mood for or contain too much food? They also have homemade desserts for their customers, and for those of legal drinking age a full bar.

2 Doors Down also offers a “Burger of the Month”, and for the month of February the restaurant is serving a chicken fried steak burger.

If you are a food lover and enjoy a burger, 2 Doors Down has a burger to satisfy your craving.

“I kind of have three go-to burgers,” Inniss said. “Avocado bacon is my first love. Then as we have evolved the menu the barnyard is one I really enjoy. That burger has an egg on it and then the towering inferno, because I kind of like spicy stuff. Those probably are the three that I would always go to.”

Inniss said he knows that the restaurant industry is a difficult business to be involved with, but the positive feedback from customers makes it worthwhile.

“I had a guy last night who told one of our cooks that it was the first time that he ate here and he said ‘The food was delicious, but the service is what was really awesome. Everybody was really friendly and attentive and I never had to want for anything,’” Inniss said. “So, we try for that and I think that unfortunately we’re in a time in our society that, that’s a tough thing. The service industry is hard and there is nothing easy about it. People don’t always really focus on what they are doing and you get mediocre service, that is not what we shoot for.”

2 Doors Down is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and located in downtown Cheyenne at 118 E. 17th St.


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