ACC looking for options after WyoTech closes

Laramie County Community College’s Albany County Campus is looking at options to reduce losses after WyoTech announced they would be limiting its admissions.

“LCCC is looking to help mitigate any losses from WyoTech’s closure,” said Brady Hammond, LCCC’s Albany County Campus Associate Vice President.

He said that LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer charged him to explore potential prospects. Hammond said that whatever decision is made in regards to WyoTech is up to the city, state and LCCC Board of Trustees.

According to Wyoming Tribune Eagle health and business reporter Becky Orr, Jim Rose, executive director of the Wyoming Community College Commission wants to explore the possibility of acquiring WyoTech for future students.

The WyoTech campus in Laramie is estimated to be closing in June, he said, and it will affect the community deeply. The automotive and diesel training school had been around since 1966, and LCCCs Albany County Campus since 1968. Rose said both institutions having contributed to the Laramie community for decades.

Hammond said partnering is an option that they were looking at, however “I hesitate to even say partner, because if they close we can’t partner with them.”

Hammond said he is not sure what permutation the decision will take.

“If our decisions do not support education and educational outcomes, they will not be the decisions we will make,” Hammond said.

According to Hammond, hypothetically if any investments LCCC were to make result in enormous losses, then those investments would not support student education. Ultimately those resources would be pulled away from what LCCC is doing in classrooms and in extracurricular activities.

Whatever shape or form, if LCCC gets involved the decision, it needs to be sustainable one, Hammond said. Funding would need to come from external sources.  Whether that comes from city, county, state or industry partners is unclear, but it would require a spectrum of partners.

“At the end of the day, it’s something we would need partners for,” Hammond said. “To support LCCC in what we’d ultimately be doing in terms of education.”


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