LCCC to kick off 50th year anniversary

Laramie County Community College is celebrating its 50th anniversary since it first opened in 1968.

Lisa Trimble, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement, is the initial person in charge of planning. Lisa Murphy, Director of Alumni Affairs and Event Planning, and Troy Rumpf, Manager of Strategic Communications and Marketing, have also taken over the project.

“We basically wanted to thank the community,” Rumpf said. “We want to celebrate the campus and want people who have supported the campus to actually come and visit it and see what has changed.”

Murphy was thankful for the community’s support.

“We just want to thank the community and have the public come on campus to see all the growth and all the accomplishments,” Murphy said. “The 50th year is so important because we want the community to recognize everyone who built it, and made it the great college we are today.”

Although there is no set date, the celebration will happen at various times this year. Most of the celebration will happen sometime in September on the campus.

“We have ideas, but we need approval on them and we still need a budget.” Rumpf said.

Although they’re still waiting for a budget, Murphy expects to have it ready in the spring.

“We will hear about a budget sometime in the spring,” Murphy said. “We are going to gather in late February to get those ideas formed up.”


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