Board of Trustees meeting Jan. 24, 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting Jan. 24, 2018

During the Jan. 24 Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees meeting, the Trustees discussed the strategic plan and approved Crossroads renovations.

Brady Hammond, Associate Vice President of the Albany County Campus, informed the board of a long-term strategic plan they’re working on.

Director of Campus Operations of ACC, Talisha Mottinger, explained the history and process of the strategic plan. Mottinger is the board chair of the committee who came up with the strategic plan, which is a long-term goal set for the college.

“The first thing we did was develop a timeline,” Mottinger said.

She explained that they had started the Strategic Plan in the spring of 2017, so they would have a timeline ready for Hammond when he took the vice president position in fall.

Mottinger said that the process included deans from LCCC, staff from the ACC, a new faculty member and a senior faculty member. Dave Paulekas, mayor of Laramie, also participated in the process.

“We really organized this plan according to three pillars,” Hammond said to the board.

The strategic plan uses integration, innovation and creation. Hammond said integration was meant as a way to work with the community to integrate education. He explained the idea behind Integration was to get the community more involved with the college. It also allows students decide how they want to integrate students into the community.

The second pillar deals with innovation, which allows students, faculty and the community to experience a different type of education. Within Innovation, Hammond explained that they look at what the college is getting in return and what new programs or partnerships the college is gaining.

Next, they look at the new programs they can incorporate in the third pillar, creation. Hammond also stressed the idea that the ACC and Cheyenne campus are one facility, and they can’t be separated for this plan to work.

Hammond read the ACC vision statement, which says: “To become an integrated learning destination, inspired by community to facilitate innovative education,”

Hammond said that the Strategic Plan is a long-term goal for the college. Trustees will put it up for approval at the next Board meeting on Feb. 28.

On the Trustees approval agenda, they discussed going forward with the Crossroads renovations. Vice President Rick Johnson explained that the plans haven’t changed since December. However, the schematics have changed.

Johnson said the college will have a bid opening on Feb. 1 and they will have the exact cost at that time as well.

“If all goes well, we break ground on that project about March 1,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the project should be finished mid to late August.

“We’re pleased to see that it’s moving forward, and that we’re going to be getting our bids in,” said Don Erickson, Board of Trustees member.

Erickson pointed out that this renovation will provide Phi-Theta-Kappa a space too. The Crossroads renovation was unanimously approved.

The Trustees approved the Equine training certificate program. The college will be using this program to help more students gain experience with training horses. The college already receives horses from private owners to train.

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