Crosby goes from teacher to captain to President of National FBI Academy

James Crosby

James Crosby, Laramie County Community College campus safety director, works with different organizations to keep students at the school safe.

Crosby has experience in law enforcement that he said allows him to handle situations on campus. Crosby said he graduated from the FBI Academy as a part of its 164th session.

Crosby is originally from South Louisiana. He received his bachelor’s degree in education at the University of South Western Louisiana. After that, he went to the University of Alabama, where he earned his master’s degree in education.

Crosby started his career in education and taught in Mobile County, Alabama. His father and brother were teachers as well.

“I was a school teacher,” Crosby said. “I taught classroom courses, fifth and sixth grade.”

Working within the school, Crosby met and made connections with local law enforcement. He said they would come into the school for different programs, and they pushed him towards working in law enforcement.

“I worked in all branches of law enforcement,” Crosby said.

Crosby served in every rank within the Mobile County police station before he retired as a captain. He said working for law enforcement gave him a lot of different perspectives.

Crosby worked with homicide, narcotics, and juvenile cases, and said it gave him a thorough background in law enforcement.

Crosby said he attended the Alabama Law Enforcement Academy and the National FBI Academy. He also graduated from the Executive Institute for Campus Law Enforcement in Illinois.­

On Dec. 21, Crosby was elected President of the National FBI Academy for the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

“They try to periodically have representatives from either Colorado or Wyoming,” Crosby said.

Crosby said they also look for someone who can contribute to the national academy.

“They’re looking at ways they can network from the network office, which serves Wyoming and Colorado,” Crosby said. “They look up here occasionally and find someone who can represent Wyoming and bring them the resources that they need through the federal government.”

Crosby also said he was chosen for the position because of his educational background, and his 30 years in law enforcement.

Crosby attends monthly meetings with local sheriffs and chiefs that have graduated from the FBI National Academy. He uses the management and law enforcement skills he learned at the academy for his position with the college.

“It gives me a chance to network with our local and federal law enforcement agencies,” Crosby said. “They can provide training to the campus, we can easily procure that, with no cost.”  

Crosby said this also enables him to get local law enforcement to help with protecting the campus to make it a safe and secure place for learning.

“It’s beneficial to the FBI, it’s beneficial to LCCC and to the state of Wyoming,” Crosby said.

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