New renovation plan for the Recreation and Athletics Complex

For the next 20 years, Laramie County Community College students could be paying for renovations around campus.

A Plan B has been set by LCCC for the renovations to the Recreation and Athletics Complex. This plan was made after the LCCC bond election failed in the fall of 2017.

This plan consists of three different possibilities on how the college plans on paying for the renovations, and they all consist of adding a student fee.

The first option suggested students pay for the entire $14.5 million renovation by a adding a new annual fee of $12.03 for six years, then raising that fee to $16.85 for the remaining 14 years. The fee would be due at the time of registering for classes.

“That option is out of the picture,” said Judy Hay, Vice President of Student Services.

According to Hay, the other option that looks like the front runner consists of the first six years of the fee being $8.72, and then $12.33 the next 14 years. This would total $10 million, then a fund would need to raise $4 million. This option would generate a revenue of $.67 per student.

There is no time table for this action to be taken place.

“We have to get all the folks together, I’d have to get together with the foundation to make sure they’re comfortable with taking on a fundraising campaign on the RAC, and secure those funds,” Said Dr. Joe Shaffer,president of LCCC said.

With every big project takes time, like the Cheyenne State Capitol building.

“It is a process that could take some time,” Hay said.

A major problem with the RAC has been electricity, where something as simple as plugging in an extra fan could cause problems.

“This is a project that is viable,” Hay said. “If other projects such as the new residence hall, the RAC needs to be renovated along with it.”

The RAC has been known to be great for students.

“The RAC is seen to be as a place where students who don’t have much transportation are supposed to go, hangout and have a good time,” Schaffer said. “The RAC is the impression that needs to last with students.”

The RAC gymnasium has a max capacity sign of 642 people, according to the capacity sign inside the gym. Which is a much smaller in capacity compared to Cheyenne East High Schools ThunderDome or, Cheyenne Centrals Fieldhouse.

“The RAC is a building that would be great for hosting sporting events and a place for the students and the Cheyenne community,” Shaffer said.

The RAC renovations are seen to bring in more students and would help with expansion of the school.

“This project can reflect how the school is looked upon,” Shaffer said.


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