Gibson named interim AD as school seeks new director

Vince Gibson was named interim Athletics and Campus Recreation Director Jan. 28.

Laramie County Community College will be searching for a new Athletics and Campus Recreation director this spring after Scott Noble, who formerly held the position, left LCCC for the Director of Athletics job at Western New Mexico University.

“I want to say thanks for Noble’s time with us,” Judy Hay, vice president of Student Services, said. “He’s had three great years with us and I’m very thankful for that. It’s going to be a great place (LCCC) for someone to come in and somewhat pick up what he was doing.”

Part of being the Vice President of Student Services at LCCC, Hay said she oversees the athletic department and will be in charge of compiling a committee for the athletic director search this spring.

Using a committee to hire executive and director positions is common practice at LCCC. The process of selecting the committee has yet to get under way. The committee will consist of individuals that are part of the sports department and various backgrounds.

“Sometimes we like to get people who are not necessarily all that involved in it just to get that person’s perspective,” Hay said. “Because we think that our searches produce better results if we have diverse perspective. This one will be the same, it’ll have different types of people on it and I plan to have a student on it, probably a student athlete.”

Hay and LCCC will be looking for candidates that are not solely focused on the athletic program.

“I’m looking for a well-rounded person and someone with experience in coaching at the collegiate level and hopefully administrative experience,” Hay said. “We look for their applicable degrees and someone who understand fundraising and how to do that type of thing and how to lead the department well with that. I also look for a pretty strong focus on campus recreation and what other students do. I don’t want a single focus on athletics.”

In the interim Hay has announced that the men’s soccer coach, Vince Gibson, will be acting Athletics and Campus Recreation Director until the position is permanently filled. Gibson became interim director on Jan. 28.

“Judy asked me if I would be interested in the (interim) position and I said yes,” Gibson said. “I have a master’s degree in athletic administration, so it’s something I enjoy doing and I’ve helped out with the transition with all the athletic directors we’ve had in the past.”

Gibson will be in the interim position until the hiring committee selects someone to take over the position full-time. As interim athletic director Gibson will have the same responsibilities as someone in the full-time position would have.

“It’s just like the regular athletic director position, you are watching over the athletic and recreation complex as a whole and the athletic department as a whole,” Gibson said. “Right now I’m going through budgets just making sure that we are on line were we need to be finishing the fiscal year and helping out the coaches with whatever they need. It’s been real busy though, I’ve had a lot of things that we have been dealing with but it has been good. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

As the interim athletic and campus recreation director Gibson plans on running the program as if Noble never left.

“I’m just maintaining and making sure we get from point A to point B,” Gibson said. “If there is any problems I’ll try to resolve them as soon as possible. It’s like Scott never left, I’m still just maintaining.”

With his background in athletic administration Gibson one day hopes to be in a full time athletic director position. Gibson said his role as interim athletic director for LCCC will go a long way in deciding if he is ready for that position to be here with LCCC or not.

“I love the school and the community and I’m glad I get a little bit of a trial run at it,” Gibson said. “It’s a good possibility that I will put in for it long term.”

With Gibson in the interim position now, Hay is looking to permanently fill the position, but is willing to let the process play out in due time.

“I would like to get someone hired before the students leave in the spring,” Hay said. “I think that would be optimal if the students get to meet the person, but they will meet the finalists anyway.”

Along with the input of the hiring committee, Hay intends to hold a public forum to hear what members of the school want from the future athletic director.

“That will be a time when we invite the students and anyone on campus to come and listen to a presentation and usually by the finalist candidates,” Hay said. “I would encourage involvement of anyone on campus. That is just a good opportunity to meet the types of people that we are bringing in.”

A date has not been set for when this forum will be held. Hay also declined to comment on if there were any candidates for the position at this time.

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