Noble reflects on time at LCCC and looks toward the future

Scott Noble has served as Laramie County Community College’s Director of Athletics/Campus Recreation for the past three years and has made contributions to athletics and academics.

Laramie County Community College’s Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation, Scott Noble, has taken a new job in Silver City, New Mexico at Western New Mexico University. It was unexpected even for Noble. Noble said he was not looking for a new job nor did he want one.
Wingspan sat down with Noble to ask him some questions about his 10 years in Cheyenne, all his accomplishments and what his future has in store for him.

What is your background story? Where did you start out at?
Noble: I started getting my bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. I got my master’s degree from Eastern Illinoi University where I started out as a college football coach. I also coached at independence community college in Kansas; Chadron State College up in Nebraska; and Fort Hays University in Hays, Kansas.

Noble: In 1998 I was the district athletics director for Great Bend for public schools in Kansas. Then in 2000 I was hired at Wichita State University as the assistant athletic director. For about a year I went into a private industry with ATG’s sport building athletic facilities, track fields, football fields and football stadiums. Even though I made a lot of money it did not make me happy and I missed coaching, so I started over at the first step of the ladder and took a small high school job in Kansas.
I was then hired in Cheyenne at the new high school at Cheyenne South High School where all my kids graduated from. Cheyenne is our home.
A few weeks ago, my phone rang, and I did not recognize the phone number, which was from Atlanta, Georgia, who was hired from Western New Mexico searching for new athletic directors. I answered it and I told them no the first time they offered me the job. They called back and asked me to look at the job. The firm told me about the job. I don’t know how they got my number. I did not apply for it and I was not looking. We just bought a house in Cheyenne. We love Cheyenne.
I talked it over with my wife and we thought about it for about four days and in a week, we found ourselves in New Mexico checking the place out. This is when I said yes to the job and signed the contract that Sunday.

How long have you worked for Laramie County Community College?
Noble: I started in June of 2015, so it has been two and half years that I have worked for LCCC.

How long have you lived in Cheyenne Wyoming?
Noble: This will be eight and a half years that I lived in Cheyenne.

What was your everyday duties at LCCC?
Noble: There is about four or five branches that make up the athletics department. One which is very important is the student services. Some of the athletes come to us have academic struggles. It is up to us that they are on track with their degree program and on time to graduate.
Noble: The NCAA, who governs the athletics departments, requires the athletes to have a 2.2 GPA and they have to pass 12 hours every semester.
We have to make sure the athletes are doing well in their academics because this is not their final destination. These athletes will probably go onto a four year to go on and play.
Development and fundraising is another branch the athletics department helps with. They find outside support such as donors and companies willing to help support the athletes with their travels.
Next is the sport media. We do a lot with media: making posters, Twitter, newspaper articles, web streaming and radio contracts.
They have to make sure the broadcasting is casting back and making sure that the streaming is going well also.
Sports medicine is another branch the athletic departments has to have for their athletes. Sports medicine is so important to our athletes we have to help them get back onto the court or field.
Marketing and promoting is also a big part of being an athletic directors.

What are some of your successes, goals and achievements accomplished at LCCC?
Noble: My goal is to provide the necessary resources for sport programs so the student athletes can succeed and win.

What do you want your legacy to be when you leave Cheyenne?
Noble: For me it is not about my legacy it is about the people you meet and the friends that you have. I want people to look back at me and say that
guy is honest, hardworking and wants what’s best for student athletes and programs. And he want to WIN.

What are you going to miss the most at LCCC and in Cheyenne?
Noble: Truly, it is the people. It’s building those relationships and helping others. I will miss the friends that I have made.

Is your wife going to stay behind and finish out the school year or leave the same time you do?
Noble: She will stay and continue her teaching through May and then she will join me.

Who would you like to see take over your place?
Noble: Over the course of the last 15 plus, years of athletics being brought back to LCCC there has always been continual growth. This is what I would like to see for this department. I want it to continue to grow and give more opportunities for the students by providing better facilities for the students. These are the things that drives success for programs. What we have is poor. We don’t have a stadium to play in and our gym is not to standard regulations, this is why we can’t play postseason because the ceiling is not the right height.
I would like to see a person who can come in and continue to grow the programs for the students and make athletics better with more opportunities.

Where are you headed?
Noble: Silver City, New Mexico. Western New Mexico University.

Are there more sports at this college?
Noble: There is a lot more sports at this college. There is soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, football, and golf.

What is the reason for you leaving?
Noble: I don’t want to leave. There is multiple opportunities for my family down in Silver City. My wife fell in love with Silver City. She also befriended some women down there and my brother also lives in New Mexico.

What are some goals you have set for yourself down there?
Noble: What New Mexico is trying to do is to help the university to start winning in sports. Western New Mexico University is hovering just under .500 in some of their sports. I would like to bring the winnings back up. It takes a lot of money to travel and New Mexico is just right outside of the outskirts, making it expensive for travel when there are no incoming funds.
I would like to bring in more revenue for the university to help with travel expenses and bring in more outside support, such as sponsors, donors and boosters. I would like to bring new energy, a refreshed culture, one of excitement and competitiveness. This is one of the first things that we could do, is to change our attitude and appearance.

What are your feelings on the moving process and starting from scratch?
Noble: I feel excited but nervous. If the athletic department is not doing well or the teams are not winning then it directly reflects back onto me.
Any time you go to a new place you always have questions but it is all about the job.

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