Playhouse to perform two plays this spring

The Laramie County Community College Theater will be performing the two one-act plays “Laundry and Bourbon” and “Lone Star” by James McLure on April 19-21 and April 26-28 at the LCCC Playhouse. These two plays will be performed back-to-back each night. Both plays are set during the early 1970’s in Maynard, Texas.

The play “Laundry and Bourbon” is to be performed by three women and will be directed by Jason Pasqua, the LCCC Theater instructor. The story takes place on Elizabeth and Roy’s back porch.
“Lone Star” is to be performed by three men and directed by longtime friend of the theater program, and former LCCC instructor, Patrisha Marino. This play takes place in the back of a bar.

Between the two plays, there will be an intermission where a theater crew will change the settings. Pasqua said characters from both plays have relationships with each other.

Pasqua said the plays are about love and a nostalgia that can’t be reached anymore. According to Pasqua, the plays bring aspects of the American dream and Americana into the plays.

“I wanted to see if I could have a take on them,” Pasqua said.

Pasqua said that he chose these plays to perform because he feels that it’s a good challenge for his theater students, and that he has been thinking about American culture during the Vietnam era.

Pasqua said he could draw some parallels between the culture during the Vietnam era when “America had some growing up to do,” and modern-day culture.

“I wouldn’t say history repeats itself, I would say that it rhymes,” Pasqua said.


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