Staff, faculty react to Noble’s transition to Western New Mexico University

Some Laramie County Community College players and coaches were in remorse with the news of Athletic Director Scott Noble taking a job at Western New Mexico University.

The school is located in Silver City, N. M., which is approximately a 782 mile drive from Cheyenne. Noble had been the Athletic Director at LCCC for three years and before that he had the same duties at Cheyenne South High School.

Women’s basketball head coach Brian Ortmeier and Noble had a special bond together. Noble and Ortmeier brought back women’s basketball in 2016 for the first time since 1992. Noble had an idea that became reality for LCCC.
“He (Noble) gave me an opportunity, and gave many girls a chance to further their career,” Ortmeier said.

LCCC volleyball head coach Austin Albers recently finished his fourth season with LCCC, three of which he spent with Noble.

“We didn’t have a really full program before Scott got here,” Albers said.

Albers explained how before Noble came to LCCC, the program wasn’t where anyone wanted it to be.

“When Scott got here, he got all of us coaches together and challenged us to be better in all aspects… Before he got here we didn’t have the best recruiting and fundraising, and now thanks to him and all the community ties, we have the program exactly where we want it,” Albers said.

Freshman volleyball player Carlee Townsend said that Noble was known to have every recruit come and sit down with him when they were visiting the campus.

“Noble made sure the LCCC family was actually a family whether it was on or off a court or field,” Townsend said. “He made sure to make everyone feel welcome and that they’d be in good hands.

Scott cared about everyone but himself. He made sure all the athletes are taken care of. He made sure that I had someone to go to other than a coach.”

People like Albers, Ortmeier and Townsend know that Noble will be doing great things.

“It’s bittersweet,” Albers said.“He will definitely be missed, but where he goes greatness goes.”

Albers isn’t the only one that is sad to see Noble go.

“It’s sad, but he will do an amazing job,” Ortmeier said. “It’s a great move for him, going to a school with a football program, which he has always had a passion for.”

Football was Noble’s first passion.

“If I could say one thing to him before he leaves is good luck, and that I could never thank him enough for all that he done for me and my career,” Albers said.

Noble started his duties at WNMU Feb. 2.


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