Student government looking to fill secretary position

The Laramie County Community College Student Government Association (SGA) this month spoke on many items, including legislation for funding construction, along with a potential $30 million in legislation for the Residence hall.

LCCC is looking for potential partnerships in Laramie to help acquire part, if not all, of WyoTech. It is still being assessed whether that move would be sustainable or not.

SGA Ex-Officio Derek Goldfuss said the earliest that construction will start for the Crossroads Project is Feb. 23 while the latest they will start construction is March 1.

The program for Homeland Security is to be removed from campus in the coming semesters. A Microsoft data center technician certificate is to be added as well. The school is working directly with Microsoft and will make the course one semester in length to assist students with getting a job working directly with Microsoft.

The position of secretary with the SGA is currently vacant, and they are working on getting that filled. Senators of the SGA may be nominated or self-nominate themselves to be voted into that position.

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